CoRoT N2 Public Archive
CoRoT N2 Public Archive
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N2 - FAINT STARS field (exo)
N2 - BRIGHT STARS field (sismo)
N2 - FAINT STARS field - Exo Former versions

Julian Corot Day to UTC converter

Some hints to use this website:

  • if you want to have a quick overview of the data in the archive, have a look at the page « complete run download »
  • if you want to retrieve a complete dataset for a given run, use the same page « complete run download »
  • if you want to select and retrieve data using some criteria (magnitude, spectral type, etc...), use the pages « FAINT STARS field (exo) » and « BRIGHT STARS field (sismo) »
  • if you want some global information on a given run or the chronology of the observation runs, use the timeline below. Click on the name of the run you are interested in to get this information (in particular comments about conditions of observations and data quality)
  • if you want some detailed information on the data, or routines to read them, have a look at the page « documentation », where you will find for example a description of the data or a description of the different data versions and applied corrections.
  • the news list below the timeline provides recent information on data deliveries or site improvements. For former news, have a look at the « news archive »

The site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download it here :

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